Hot Tubs & Spas

Hot Tubs Are A Great Way To Relax & Unwind!

Click For A Price QuoteEveryone knows that hot tubs are a great way to relax & unwind, eliminate stress, share family time, and provide excellent hydrotherapy.  With 5 factory direct National brands to choose from, Virginia Leisure has a hot tub for everyone. We offer hot tubs to fit any size, budget, or outdoor living space.  We are your one stop shop for your hot tub needs. Not only do we carry the best hot tub brands, we are also hot tub enthusiasts and know the products inside or out. We have over 30 hot tubs on display with countless models for you to choose from.  We can assist in your quest for the perfect hot tub for you and your family.  With over 28 years experience in the industry, we are the hot tub professionals!

Can I Get A Hot Tub?

Yes you can. Not only can you, you should. Hot tubs are a great way to alleviate stress and help make you feel better.  Multiple studies have shown that hot tubs have tons of health benefits that will improve your life.  Are you always sore and stiff?  Get a hot tub!  Poor circulation?  Get a hot tub!

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Therapy Hot Tub

Couple enjoying a hot tub
Does your lower back bother you?  Are you hunched over a computer all day, on you feet for hours, or have trouble sleeping?  Our hot tubs are made for YOUR needs, today, tomorrow and in the future!  Don’t believe us, come down and see.  Better yet, call or email us to schedule a private test soak!  Once you own a Hot Tub, you’ll be amazed you lived without one for so long!

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Party/Family Hot Tub

Jersey Shore Hot Tub
The first season of Jersey Shore featured one of our Bullfrog Hot Tubs.  Are we proud of that?  The jury is still out, but one thing we are proud about.   It still performs like a champion! If you are looking for a large hot tub to have friends and family over to take a soak, or are looking for that large “party tub”,  we have a hot tub that will fit your needs.


Quality Hot Tubs

Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas
If you are getting a hot tub for therapy, look no further. Let Virginia Leisure introduce you to the only customizable, interchangeable, and upgradeable hot tub in the World!. Bullfrog Spas allows YOU to build your spa to fit your needs with their patented JetPak technology.  No other manufacturer can do that. Bullfrog Spas are the MOST energy efficient, use cutting edge innovations,  and best of all, are built right here in the USA!

Caldera Hot Tubs

Pure Comfort, Pure Performance, Pure Style…these are the words that best describe why so many hot tub owners love their Caldera Spa.  Every Caldera hot tub features the beautiful, graceful curves and contours that make Caldera comfort legendary.  Since 1976, Caldera® has been one of the world’s most trusted spa-tub brands.  Consumers Digest, a highly respected authority on value in the consumer marketplace, has rated the Caldera Martinique hot tub a “Best Buy,” recognized for its many popular spa features and superior performance all at a great value.  Caldera is part of Watkins Manufacturing, the industry’s leading producer of premium spas.