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400 Series

451- 3 Person with Recliner 64″ x 81″ x 31″ Deep 

470- 6 Person (No Recliner) 88″ x 88″ X 35″ deep

472- 5 Person with Dual Recliners 88″ X 88″ X 35″ Deep

481- 6 Person with Recliner 91.5″ X 91.5″ X 38″ Deep

461- 4 Person with Recliner 78″ X 78″ x 35″ Deep

471- 6 Person with Recliner 88″ X 88″ X 35″ Deep

480- 6 Person (No Recliner) 91.5″ X 91.5″ X 38″ Deep

You will be surprised to know that not all hot tubs are the same.  In the hot tub category itself there are two type of hot tubs:  portable hot tubs and in-ground spas. A portable hot tub is manufactured with all the equipment required for operational use (pumps, heaters, filters, etc), and requires no plumbing on site when it is delivered to your home. Once delivered, it is attached to your home with an electrical connection and if you move, the tub can be moved with you. This differs from an in-ground spa because once an in-ground spa is built into your backyard it is designed to stay with the house.

What makes certain hot tubs “better” than others? Lucky for you, like many products and services you have the ability to shop around for the best hot tub to fit your budget and needs.