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Highest Quality Saunas at the Best Price

Luxury Series Saunas

Made from Canadian Hemlock Wood.

Interior Digital Control w/ LED display allows you to quickly & easily set your sauna session to your desired temperature and time setting, then just sit back and relax!

Carbon Fiber Heaters surround the body super efficiently with healthier heat for a completely comfortable sauna experience.

AM/FM/MP3/CD Stereo- Play your favorite music while enjoying your Sauna for total body relaxation and stress relief.

Oxygen Ionizer- Each Sauna is equipped with an Interior Ionizer to purify the air through the use of negative Ions.

Interior & Exterior Lighting- Added as a convenience feature, the lighting is perfect to read or compose by.

Luxury 1000


The Luxury 1000 combines all the best features in a one person sauna. The smaller size helps those who want the benefits of Sauna sessions without taking up too much space.
Luxury 1000 specs.

Luxury 2000

The Luxury 2000 is the most popular of our Health & Wellness Saunas. Ample space for two adults, the Luxury 2000 provides all the health benefits that many doctors recommend.
Luxury 2000 Specs.

Luxury 3000

With 9 Carbon Fiber Heaters to melt away stress and promote a deeper, more restful sleep, the Luxury 3000 accommodates up to 3 people. Take advantage of the many benefits of far infrared technology. Stress reduction, muscle relaxation, and pain relief in the joints, are just a few of the healthy lifestyle benefits you will enjoy with your new sauna.
Luxury 3000 Specs.

Luxury 3000C

The Luxury 3000 Corner Unit is the ultimate in both style and function of our Health & Wellness Saunas. 3-4 Adults can comfortably enjoy the deep penetrating heat. Unlike traditional saunas where the heat can be in excess of 180 degrees, our Health & Wellness far infrared saunas can operate at the optimum temperatures of 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit (14o degrees maximum) ensuring the most beneficial healthy sessions.
Luxury 3000-C Specs.

 Luxury 4000

 The Luxury 4000 is the largest of the Heath & Wellness saunas, and can seat up to 4 adults. The 69″ X 53″ footprint allows for family time and still not take up too much room.
Luxury 4000 Specs.