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Hot Tub Cover Worn Out?

Losing money on energy costs due to heat loss from your old cover?

If it’s time to replace your Hot Tub Cover, let the experts at Virginia Leisure assist you.  We can custom make a cover to your exact measurements.  We offer 4 grades of covers, with pricing to fit any budget.  Plus, with 14 colors to choose from, we are sure to have one to match any decor.

We specialize in most major manufacturers including; Bullfrog, Caldera, Hawkeye, Hot Spring, Jacuzzi, & Leisure Bay just to name a few.

Ordering your cover is done in 4 easy steps.
1. Print the order form, & find your spa shape. Measure the outer most part of the shell, and enter the size in inches on the diagram. Measure the skirt size and enter how many inches, at the bottom of the form (the amount that hangs over the side to protect the shell from the sun).
2. If the corners are rounded, print the radius sheet, and trace the spa’s corner to determine the radius of the corner, and enter the radius size on the order form.
3. Choose your cover color from the 14 choices below.
4. Bring the order form into Virginia Leisure and we’ll go over everything to ensure the proper fit for you Hot Tub. Questions or concerns, don’t worry, just give us a call at (757) 410-9588 and we can answer any questions you may have!

Print Spa Cover Order Form Print Radius Worksheet

Colors for your hot tub cover

Print Spa Cover Order Form Print Radius Worksheet