Swim Spas By Premium Leisure

At Virginia Leisure, we are an Authorized Dealer for Premium Leisure’s full line of Premium Leisure’s swim spas! Vacation every day, or sneak in a few minutes of stress relief whenever you feel the need. Swim, exercise, or just unwind right at home with a quality swim spa today. Click on any of our featured models below for more details. What are you waiting for? Contact Virginia Leisure today at (757) 410-9588 and find out what you have been missing.

Why Premium Leisure Swim Spas?

Premium Leisure Swim Spas LogoManufactured in the United States, Premium Leisure swim spas are uniquely designed for a variety of relaxation, aquatic therapy, personal training and family fun options.

With a 16 gauge welded steel frame, ABS hard plastic bottoms and cabinet siding made of a synthetic composite that looks like wood, easily match the decor of any landscape.

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Unwind, relax and rejuvenate with a Premium Leisure swim spa. Choose the perfect pattern of hydrotherapy jets to give you the deep massage your body deserves.

Premium Leisure Swim Spa Models

Premium Leisure Swim Spa Woman SwimmingPremium Leisure Swim Spas LogoPremium Leisure Swim Spas are deep, allowing for a variety of aquatic therapy and training options. With a variety of areas for both sitting and standing, you can exercise with water resistance, soothe those sore muscles, or simply relax from the stress of the day, all of these swim spas are up to the task.

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Premium Leisure Swim Spas AQ 11

Model AQ 11
66 jets, 915 gallon, 89″ x 132″ x 54″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas AQ 12

Model AQ 12
38 jets, 1280 gallon, 89″ x 148″ x 54″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas AQ 14

Model AQ 14
42 jets, 1500 gallon, 89″ x 172″ x 54″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas AQ 16

Model AQ 16
42 jets, 1710 gallon, 89″ x 198″ x 54″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas AQ 19

Model AQ 19
88 jets, 2483 gallon, 90″ x 231″ x 58″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas Dual Zone 18

Dual Zone 18
42 jets, 2100 gallon, 89″ x 213″ x 58″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas Swimmer 18

Swimmer 18
42 jets, 2400 gallon, 89″ x 215″ x 58″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas Swimmer 19

Swimmer 19
59 jets, 2700 gallon, 93 3/4″ x 234 1/4″ x 62 3/4″ deep

Premium Leisure Swim Spas ES 14

ES 14
15 jets, 1750 gallon, 92″ x 173.5″ x 50″ deep

You Deserve To Relax!
Stop by Virginia Leisure today and choose from the largest selection of hot tubs and swim spas available in the state of Virginia.