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At Virginia Leisure, we are your local Authorized Wellis Spas Dealer! We feature the Peak Line, CityLine and MyLine Series of Wellis spas. Click on any of the models below for more details. If you are considering purchasing something other than our featured models, we can help. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Wellis Spa Dealer in Chesapeake, VirginiaWellis Spas, the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, puts their focus on quality and innovation. With the latest smart spa solutions and innovative massage experience, their skills and experience in 21st century automated manufacturing and efficiency processes guarantees quality and consistency, offering you a high quality spa experience and great value for your money.

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Wellis Spas Peak Line Series

The Peak Line by Wellis Spas includes the Mont Blanc with prestigious dimensions, including a AquaSoul™ Pro 2.1 audio system exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and a lighted waterfall. Another spa in the Peak Line, the Monte Rosa, has all the features of a premium spa, including the AquaSoul™ Pro sound system, SmartPhone application with WiFi connection, 3 horsepower massage pumps, and MicroPlus paper filters and aromatic therapy.

Wellis Spas Hot Tub Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc
Seats 7, 78 jets, 91″ x 91″ x 36″ deep

Monte Rosa Wellis Spas Hot Tub

Monte Rosa
Seats 5, 64 jets, 91″ x 91″ x 37″ deep

Wellis Spas CityLine Series

The CityLine Series by Wellis Spas offers a new level in the spa experience to the US market. Multi-stage filtration and UV-C water sanitation system technology ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with a minimum need for user maintenance.

Paris Wellis Hot Tub Spa

Seats 7, 40 jets, 86″ x 86″ x 36″ deep

London Wellis Hot Tub Spa

Seats 5, 40 jets, 86″ x 86″ x 36″ deep

Wellis Spas MyLine Series

The MyLine Series by Wellis Spas is a selection of ergonomically designed tubs. The Leo model offers a wide range of exciting innovations tailored to your individual desires, including calf massage jets in the lounge seats.

Taurus MyLine Wellis Spa

Seats 5, 52 jets, 91″ x 91″ x 37″ deep

Libra MyLine Wellis Spa

Seats 7, 60 jets, 91″ x 91 x 36″ deep

Hercules MyLine Wellis Hot Tub Spa

Seats 5, 45 jets, 85″ x 85″ x 36″ deep

Leo PandP MyLine Wellis Hot Tub Spa

Leo P&P
Seats 4, 36 jets, 85″ x 75″ x 34″ deep

Orion MyLine Wellis Hot Tub Spa

Orion P&P
Seats 3, 30 jets, 79″ x 59″ x 31″ deep

Wellis Spas Features

UV-C Water Sanitizer

Water Purification

All Wellis spas use a UV-C multi-stage filtration and sanitation system that ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water. UV-C rays have long been used for disinfection, are hypoallergenic and kill almost 100% of the viruses and bacteria found in water.

Color Therapy Mood Spa Lighting

Color Therapy Mood Lighting

Color therapy helps to create both a special atmosphere and emotional response which can have a profound impact on the body. Choose the auto setting to change colors slowly and continuously, or manually select the color most fitting for your mood. Choose from underwater, exclusive color therapy lighting or In-Mix™ lighting options.

AquaSoul Pro Sound System

AquaSoul™ Pro Sound System

Enjoy the latest design and quality of a watertight, Bluetooth sound system. Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection, like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, can be connected to the AquaSoul™ sound system. AquaSoul™ PRO 2.1 includes a 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver, a built-in subwoofer and 2 built-in or POP-UP speakers.

Why Choose A Spa From Wellis Spas?

Think Spa, Think Wellis!
Wellis Spa Dealer in Chesapeake, VirginiaWellis Spas allows for a variety of features and combinations. Made with UV resistant polymer materials in a variety of cabinet and shell colors, all Wellis Spas are made with Poli-Max™ hot tub shell reinforcement technology, triple insulated polyform insulation and reinforced molded floor pans. Choose from a variety of seat styles, massage jets, color therapy mood lighting and quality sound options. Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want! Looking for a Wellis spa? Contact us at Virginia Leisure, and let us help you get the spa of your dreams!

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